According to my DNA test results, one percent of my genetic make up is from modern-day East Africa, along the border of Tanzania and Kenya, but East Africa is one hundred percent of my heart.

I feel most at home when I am in the Serengeti, when I am in the presence of the majestic wildlife in this part of the world.

It is for this reason I focus my work on the wildlife of East Africa. It is my passion.

I endeavor always, to highlight the exquisiteness of East Africa’s wildlife, inviting viewers to explore the unexpected, contribute to the global community, and commit to responsible stewardship of the earth.

I donate all of the proceeds from the sales of my work to wildlife conservation and humanitarian organizations, including Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), which is under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and is responsible for conducting and coordinating wildlife research in Tanzania, and also Children’s Concern Foundation, located in the Mosquito River area of Tanzania, CCF houses and cares for three dozen children. I am always interested in partnering with other organizations as well.

All images are limited edition to 12, signed and numbered.

Images that are available for purchase are in the 2021 Monochrome and 2021 Color galleries. Once an image has sold out, it will be moved to the Archive gallery.

All images are also available for editorial or advertising licensing. Please contact me to discuss usage details.